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Personal Income Tax Checklist

Get ready for tax season – follow our checklist and call us to file your tax return! Personal information for each family member Name SIN Date of Birth Current Address Phone number Marital status Last year Notice of Assessment and copy of Tax Return Province of residence on December 31 Foreign property over $100,000 Slips…

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What is an Estate Freeze

In the previous blogs, we have addressed the benefit for a business owner to incorporate, and to conduct his business through a Holding corporation.  At this point, our business owner has the following corporate structure. Aiming at demystify another phrase usually thrown out there; that is “estate freeze”, let’s consider the following.   You started…

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Should I have a Holding company?

In our first blog, we discussed the issue of whether as a business owner; you should incorporate your business. Let set the facts again: – You have been a very successful entrepreneur; after hearing from many of your friends about incorporation, and consulting with us, you decided to incorporate your business. – As your trusted…

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Let’s demystify incorporation

You have been running a very unincorporated and successful business for quite a while, and after listening to all your business friends talk about incorporation, you are pondering. But, you have heard: Incorporating will result in double taxation (At the corporate level, and then at the personal level). MYTH!!!!!!. The Canadian Tax system (As opposed…

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